Welcome to The Shores Community Church!

We are a church that avidly seeks the full presence of God.

A Church...

- that loves Jesus passionately, and radiates His Love unconditionally.

- where the Holy Spirit operates freely.

- which opens its doors to all and bows down to One.

- that preaches and teaches the full gospel of God without compromise, solidly biblical.

- which is a safe haven for all those who are broken.

- where God's grace extends and is greater than our worst sin.

- where Jesus loves you enough just as you are, but loves you enough not to keep you there. 

- that prays for one another, believing God will make a difference.

If you want to experince this Presence of God... Please come. We are a church where Jesus would SAY -  YOU MATTER! If you want to worship God without stigma, please come.

Why not give us a chance, why not let us prove to you that we seek the full Presence of God and seek for others to do the same - no agendas, no caveats, that's it.

Join us Sundays at 10:30. Come in to a place that is welcoming, warm, and inviting with a sense of God's Love becasue that's who we are!