There were a noble people in the Apostle Paul's time who listened to Paul and Silas preaching the word of God. This people, the Bereans, did their home work. The story is found in the books of Acts 17:10-12. And it says about these noble people, "their were open minded and listened eagerly". "They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth".

Another way we hear the word of God is through our worship songs. The old hymns gave us some of the clearest theology as a way fo remembering the Christ message. Amazing grace, O for a thousand tongues to sing... Oh the blood of Jesus, just to name a few. We hear a lot of different styles of worship in our churches. And new contemporary worship songs whatever the genre, are finding their ways into the church scene. But here's the question? Are the lyrics to these songs, are they biblically accurate like much of our "older" music.

There is a website designed just for the purpose of anaylzing these lyrics against biblical truth and accuracy; to see if the lyrics hold up to the biblical message. This site is appropriately named, The next time you hear one of these new songs whatever the genre, please click on the link provided but most of all - do what the Bereans do - search the scriptures day after day to see if these things be true.